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An Integrative Approach to Family Practice Your body, mind and energetic spirit are not merely unrelated systems, functioning independently. They are in fact a complex set of integrated structures reliant on one another to make you function as complete person. When your lungs or heart fail, your body suffers as a whole. The same breakdown occurs with the integration of your mind, body and spirit connection—if one of those vital systems is not functioning properly, you suffer as a whole. At Porter Ranch Integrative Medical Clinic, we treat each patient as a whole person—the body, mind and spirit—as one complete entity to achieve an overall state of wellness. Our unique Family Practice model embraces all forms of accepted medical treatment, with the ultimate goal of effective health care. As Family Medicine Practitioners, we treat both men and women, and patients of all ages, from infants and children to the elderly, and everyone in between. If conventional medical treatment has failed to address your particular needs, or if you’re a physician with a patient who’s not responding to typical treatment, Porter Ranch Medical Center is your path to mind-body-spiritual balance, complete health and wellness. To learn more about our treatment and care or to schedule an appointment, contact Porter Ranch Integrative Medical Clinic TODAY—818.831.8000 | info@PorterRanchMedicalCenter.com